One of the first things I do when I wake up in the morning is check my email to look at my CY365 prompt of the day.  Today, was "cozy".  Still warm in my bed, I imagined a cup of coffee, snuggled in an oversized sweater, with a good book.  My schedule wasn't going to allow for that down time today unfortunately.  I put the prompt on the back burner in my mind and went about my morning.

Things went relatively smoothly which is unusual during this time in our household. It's typically chaos where rushing and yelling commence. We had gymnastics at 1015 which means I will need to leave at 930 but really means I won't leave until 945.  At about 920, still getting things together, I saw my daughter reach for her lovey objects: paci, blanket, and Miss Bunny.  Lightbulb went off, put my day on hold, and grabbed the camera.  

I set her on the couch, which she was willing to oblige and started taking pictures.  I then realized, I didn't have a card in the camera (doh!).  I rushed back to the office, grabbed it, prayed she didn't move, and went back to my starting position.  I was able to get this sweet image of her stroking the tag on her blanket while her chubby little arm is supported by her sweet bunny. 

It was the perfect shot for today's prompt and required little direction on my  part (she's 18 months, praying she sits still for a fraction of a second is all I can sometimes control).  

Next was something I didn't plan.  My fur baby, Kona jumped on the couch, and settled herself right next to her.

Such a sweet moment that I wasn't planning shared by two of my babies.  Emma petting her (and still sitting STILL).  I love how her all of cuddly objects are shown in these images.

I wanted to capture Kona's reaction so I moved my angle.

And not one second after I moved over here, Emma was onto the next thing.

Such a short, unexpected moment of time, captured so I can cherish always.  And we even made it to gymnastics with time to spare.