As a photographer, I have the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people.  It's one of my favorite parts of my job.  When I met Bree and her darling 3 year old Lulu, I knew I was going to absolutely adore working with her family of 5.  

My packages include a pre-consultation meeting that can be had over the phone or email but preferably in person so we can just get to know one another and talk about session ideas, locations, outfits, etc.  It makes things a little more easy going than just showing up for a session and  snapping away.  Little Lulu joined Bree and I for a coffee date (she enjoyed her milk) and right away, I fell in love with her blond wavy hair, glasses, and adorable smile!  

One thing I instantly loved about Bree was how easy it is to talk to her about anything.  Being a mom myself, we talked about the joys and hardships of parenthood but also our experience of moving around a lot.  Turns out we are both from Iowa and she also lived in Kentucky for a bit (I'm spent my childhood in TN).  Between our Midwest charm and Southern hospitality, we clicked.

The rest of the family is just as adorable and when they showed up for the session, it looked like they just feel out of the pages of a magazine.  Bree looked stunning in a dress purchased at our local boutique in Roanoke, Kiki La Rue (a similar one can be found here).  

Even though I had met Lulu, she was a little unsure of me in the begining which is totally normal for children.  

I pulled out my bag of tricks (bubbles and smarties for all of you photogs reading this) and she soon was showing her true personality.  These shots of the familiy playing with bubbles makes my heart melt.  Big Brother Elliot was also a huge help in getting his baby sister to warm up.

SInce Lulu was in much better spirits, I took the opportunity to get some sibling shots.  Fairly certain Dad was making faces behind my back to get these giggles (no one said photography was easy!)


Sweet Amelia is a darling and such a wonderful big sister.  She was so sweet and polite! 



Elliot is the classic brother/middle child.  Completely respectful but a ham as well!  And this kid knows how to work a camera!


Continuing on with the session, I stole mom and dad to get some pictures of them.  I envisioned this, may have asked Aaron to "smize" but was a trooper none the less.




I was then able to capture that pefect frame worthy family shot toward the end of our session.  It was definityl worth all the sweet tarts in the world!


After the family shots were said and done, I spent time with just the girls to capture their costumes from dance. Amelia has been dancing for years and currently does tap, jazz, and ballet.  I love how she can be graceful one moment and put of the Beyonce moves the next!  Amazing stage presence!


Then Lulu stole my heart again in her precious little ballet outfits.  I can't even stand the cute little look she has with her Queen Elsa Frozen's Costume.  Warm hugs all around!

Thank you Locke Family for an amazing session!  I hope you enjoy the photos and the experience as much as I did!