One of the common traits my senior girls share this year is the amazing head they have on their shoulders.  I've heard stories that break my heart and bring me to tears as no one should endure the pain and responsibility some of these girls face at such a young age.  On the other hand, I  have a profound respect for these girls and feel at ease knowing our world will be run by some amazing, talented, and strong women.

Ashley, a senior at Keller High School, is one of the strongest girls I have met.  She's been dealt a hand that many would find challenging but even at 18 years old, she maneuvers through the obstacles beautifully.   I was just in awe by her maturity and was so honored that I was selected to take her senior pictures.    

Green was all she asked for in a location.  With the gorgeous winter we had, spring was in full bloom and lush areas were plentiful.  We drove to Trophy Club Park, and while still affected by the rain from the fall and last May, it had many options to work with.  

We discussed outfit ideas previously but when she arrived, she wanted to include her prom dress.  The delicate white material against the green forest was nothing but magical.  She had a Mother Earth radiance but as she twirled in her dress, she brought back visions of childhood as a little girl.  It was beautiful!


Further exploring the park, we stopped at an area that was a little more barren.  She wore an outfit borrowed from Kiki La Rue (Harper Jeans and beaded and sheer sleeveless blouse).  


For our last outfit, she had a gorgeous wine colored dress and a hat because hats are always fun pictures.

One suggestion I had when I first met her was to bring her 13 year old brother a long for pictures.  He was such a gentalmane although I'm sure he had a million other places to be.   I was excited to capture these moments for them.


Ashley was a true beauty during her session.  I know she will conquer any path that comes.  Enjoy Tyler University!