The birth of a baby is nothing short of a miracle and the emotions that run through when this tiny little human finds it's place with their new family is beyond an amazing experience.  I love photographing newborns as I get to bare witness, for a brief moment, to this growing bond.

Miss Kate was born on July 13th to Mom Kristin, Dad Nathan, and big brother Brady. 



This family was beyond precious.  Brady is sweet, barely 2, and such an intelligent little guy.  His vocabulary is impressive for his age and I can only imagine all of the stories he will tell to his new baby sis.  




Not only does dad play the guitar, but he sings, and he's really good.  I actually thought the radio was playing when he started singing "Rock Me Like A Wagon Wheel".  And yes, I cried, when I realized he was singing to his son while mom was nursing.  Oh, and he's a firefighter and flips home in his spare time, no big deal..


Kirstin, is radiant and the sweetest person you will ever meet.  She's calm and caring but I loved that we could also share a laugh or two about the balances of having two.  She was a photographers dream to photograph.  The love she has for her family is beyond apparent.



Baby Kate was a snuggly tiny bundle of sweetness.  She needed some extra coaxing from mom and dad to fall asleep but it allowed for some lifestyle and family shots that I adore.


While the majority of my session is lifestyle, I do take the time for a few posed shots to highlight their little details.  It's their first photography debut and I want to make it special.


Congratulations on your beautiful family Cartsen's!  Love and blessings to you all!