I got to hang out with Brandon, a senior at Byron Nelson High School, a couple of weeks ago.  We started off on his turf, the baseball stadium in Trophy Club, TX where he has spent many hours perfecting his game.  He's a pitcher on the Varsity Baseball Team and he is about to embark on the biggest game yet; life.  

We then headed over to Downtown Roanoke and explored the town.  He's a bit shy but very complacent to work with.  Mom, Karla, shared some hilarious stories of his childhood and I could tell he was raised in a home full of laughter and love. 

The first time I met Brandon I could tell this guy is going places.  He's extremely dedicated in his sport but also has a good outlook on a great future career.   No matter the path that comes in his way, he will be extremely successful.  

Best of luck to you next year Brandon!  I look forward to seeing on the field one day soon!