Last week, I had the opportunity to attend Click Away, a nationwide conference full of amazing photographers (mostly women and moms), skills of all levels, all with a burning passion for photography.  I had the luxury of listening to speakers such as Sue Bryce, Ben Sasso, Elena Blair and attend workshops by Maggie Keegan Gross , Cat Heppel, and Holli True.  

It was an eye opening experience and the inspiration I needed for my art as well as my business.  Plus, a few days away from my stubborn son (complete product of me) and my overly clingy/active two year old who went on a sleep strike.  The few nights away in a bed to myself was worth the cost of the conference itself.

One thing that resonated during the conference was finding your style, finding your voice, and embracing your art.  I live in a market oversaturated by amazing and talented photographers all trying to stand out.  There are photographers practically giving sessions away with no disregard to the value of their time, designing Pinterest Inspired sessions that do nothing but try to replicate someone else's work, or over booking themselves with mini sessions because that's all they think their clients want.  I have done every one of these things. I don't want to come across that I regret these sessions or I didn't connect with some amazing people, I did, and I still do.  But, I think it's apparent in my work when I come across a session that enhances my creativity and I  have a client that fully trusts me for my style.

Things I love.  Seniors. Boudoir. Moms.  I also love genuine family connections.  While I love photographing women, I equally love photographing women with her family and a woman with her significant other.  I want you to feel something when you look at my work and not just a pretty picture.  I want my client to trust me to truly capture her family and herself.  All sides, no holding back.

I love photographing women.  We are complicated beings full of many facets and many emotions.  So emotions run deeper and are more private than we let on.  My hope and desire is that I let women and families feel comfortable with me enough to let me show that side.  



With all of that said, I am very excited for this fall and the seniors and families I have the joy to work with.  I feel inspired and motivated to accommodate everyone so you walk away with an experience you and I both feel amazing about.