Deciding to become engaged and thus married is no doubt a huge step in a relationship.  Even when it's somewhat expected, the moment in itself is the one that will be talked about for years to you better make it a story to remember.

Nigam did just that.  Located in New York, Nigam used the assistance of a friend to search for a photographer to capture the moment he proposed to girlfriend, Roma..  Details were still developing but he knew for certain is was going to take place on a  rooftop in Downtown Dallas.

Aside from a couple of suggestions, he planned the whole thing himself right down to the scavenger hunt that led her to the site (a full day affair).  Her sister had a dress picked out and bag packed . Through updated texts and calls, her sister, Nigam, and I were anxiously waiting for her to get in her Uber to take her on the 40min drive across the metroplex.   Work ran a little late, hair took a bit longer, and the nerves were in full force.  

I had intentionally showed up early to help with last minute adjustments.  Nigam had already done the majority of the work including homemade signs with their saying "I love you; Infinity x Infinity"

In order to throw her off a bit, he actually had two surprises planed.  In addition to the proposal that would come later in the evening, he planned a couples vacation (yeah, he's a keeper).  He had told her originally they would be going to Miami for his brother's birthday (so she had beach attire already packed) but instead, they would be celebrating their anniversary alone on the sandy beaches of Puerto Rico.  

When we got the text she was moments away, I hid out in the downstairs bedroom and waited for his signal.  While I'm hidden away, he gave her surprise present and led her up to the roof top to pour a glass of wine and celebrate with a beautiful view.

Pretending I was an Uber Eats Delivery person, I texted to let him know I was "here" with their food.  I walked up the romantically decorated stairway and greeted him at the door.  

Both are vegetarian so they always check their food before eating.  I handed him the pizza box and turned to have her check it.  Inside was this message

I'm an immense foodie but pizza is up there with my last meal request so to me, pizza and a proposal is just about the greatest thing ever. I.can't.even!

It was a tight spot but advice on where to stand for the pivotal moment, I think we successful accomplished capturing the proposal.

While the shock didn't necessarily wear off completely, I introduced myself and congratulated the couple with a few pictures as a newly engaged couple.


Thank you so much Nigam for allowing me to capture such a special event!  I know you two will never forget that night, and neither will I.  Congratulations, I wish you love for infinity x infinity and oodles of vegetarian pizza!