The New Year is an opportunity for a fresh start.  Its a reason to resolve to change something about ourselves to make us a better person.  Resolutions often range from saving money, spending more time with family, or even a healthier life.  January is a time to reflect on the person we are, and sometimes, how we look.

Goals to start running, lose weight, eat more vegetables etc, are all amazing and important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes if they are for the wrong reason, they can also bring us down unintentionally as well.  We start to judge our appearance and criticize every ounce we gain or fail to lose.  It can lead into self deprivation and then in turn, have the dreaded rebound effect that does more damage than good.  

Women in particular are so critical of their bodies.  Every day we are faced with celebrities, fitness gurus, and even friends on Facebook and Instagram who look how we think we should.  These women seem put together, in the best shape, and have flawless features.  Its no wonder why the beauty industry collects nearly $40 billion annually.  We constantly try to improve ourselves with products instead of fixing the heart of it; our self esteem.

My absolute favorite genre of photography is boudoir.  I love to show women how beautiful they are inside and out.  I love to see their reactions when they have their final reveal, how they can't believe the image of the gorgeous, sexy woman staring back at them is in fact them.  Moms in particular are my favorite subject because accepting our bodies after housing a tiny little human, going through hours of labor, the recovery from delivery, and adjusting to a lifestyle that isn't all about us anymore, is difficult.  Our bodies are different.  Even if we lose all the "baby weight" it is near impossible to find the same image we remember reflecting back in the mirror.  Our boobs have changed shape, size, and even position.  Our hips are wider, cellulite more notable and for many a few new lines have appeared as well.  But why are we ashamed of this?  Why don't we embrace and celebrate our bodies for the hard work we've done.  And this by no means is just limited to biological moms either.  Adopted moms go through similar hardship with the stress and adjustment of bringing their baby home.  In one way or another, our motivation to have that perfectly svelte body from our youth is replaced by the demands of caring for our children.

It's no surprise that when I tell people I'm a Boudoir Photographer that I get smiles, laughs, and comments that "I would totally do that if I were {insert thinner; more muscular; tanner; more outgoing; younger; etc}.  Or  "I'll do it in {3 fall...for my 40th birthday, etc}.  Believe me, I've heard it all.  Yet just like all of our resolutions we have on January 1st, it never seems to happen.

I personally, have had two boudoir sessions.  The first was for my husband.  He was deployed in Afghanistan and I wanted to surprise him with something for those "lonely" nights.  He very much enjoyed it and I still love looking at the images today.  At that time, I was at my thinnest since high school due to many hours while my son napped or in the evening hours that I could work out.  It passed the time.  The second session I did was for myself this past August.  My daughter had just turned two and I was done having babies.  I wanted to "practice what I preached" and celebrate this new body I had.   No, it's not perfect.  Yes, I am naturally slim but I have my mental hang-ups to get over as well.  My boobs are small and soft (hello junior department bras),  I haven't seen abs in I don't know how long, and I'm starting to develop wrinkles.  WRINKLES!  And lets not even get going on the fact that I still have acne.  The list can go on. 

Which is exactly why I want to challenge you to book a Simply Seductive Boudoir session.  Allow me to help you change your perception of your body.  Allow me show you how beautiful you are.  We will never look again like we did at 20 and that's okay.  As women we are givers and we give so much of ourselves to others.  It is time to give the gift of you to yourself.   We need to take away the wife, the mom, the career lady, and focus on the woman behind all of those things, the woman that you might have forgotten about.


What does a Simply Seductive Boudoir Session entail?

Pre-Shoot Consultation via phone or email to get to know me, the photographer.  We will chat like new friends, get to know one another and I will listen to you concerns, wants etc.  I will give you tips on clothing and prep as well as answer any questions you may have.   We will also decide on location.  This is when you will realize that I am the least intimidating person to work with and thus the perfect person for our session.

Professional Hair and Makeup and an opportunity to be pampered by my girl Helene while you sip champagne and nosh on some light appetizers. During this time I will look through the outfits and determine which order to wear them in.

The Session:  I will coach you into positions that most flatter your figure.  You will also have the immense privilege of watching me, in yoga pants mirror the pose for you.  Any nervousness goes out the window at this point.  We change outfits and do poses based on the look.  I start off with the least reveling outfit and continue on to the most suggestive.  I never expect women to go fully nude unless that is what they prefer.  Many women start off wearing an over sized shirt and look sexy as hell.

After the session:  You will feel liberated and beautiful.  We will have an hour break where you can hang around the studio or tour downtown Roanoke, grab some lunch at Inzos, or visit my favorite boutique Kiki La Rue.   During this time, I will select 40-60 images and lightly edit them.   

·Post- Shoot Review: Once back at my studio, we will go over your session.  I will show you the gallery of edited images and you will be amazed at how beautiful you truly are.  We will go through the products I will help narrow down the images you would like prints or an album of.   

Processing: After we narrowed down your order, I will fully edited your selection to smooth out wrinkles, and take care of blemishes.  If I've done my job correctly, the lighting and poses will be enough for an absolutely stunning image.  2-3 weeks after your session, your order will be complete and delivered to you in beautiful boutique packaging for you and your significant other to enjoy for years to come.

This truly is the perfect gift for yourself.  You will feel more confident, more beautiful, and in turn, feel more satisfied as a wife and mother.  So what are you waiting for; are you up for the challenge?