I love documenting growing families!  I met Kristin when her son Hudson was just 2 months old and I was VERY pregnant with my little miss (and a tad bit craz...er...emotional).  Thankfully Kristin still kept me around as a friend so that I could share this exciting time in her life as this September, the Haterius Family will be welcoming their baby girl.


Sven, Kristin, Hudson and I met at Bob Jones Park in Southlake, TX.  After all the rain we had in May, it was still a beautiful bright shade of green, and a little more exclusive as some of the roads are in repair and an alternate route is needed.

However, even though it had been a mild summer, Murphy's Law states that when you have a very pregnant woman to photograph, it's giong to be the hottest day of the year.  Thankfully they were good sports about the whole thing.


Hudson turned two last spring and is such a smart little guy!  He amazed me by counting to 6, reciting all of the animal noises he could remember (donkey's are a little more challenging FYI), among other amazing toddler tricks.  He was such a ham and that face, oh my goodness, that face!  


One of my favorite parts of the session was when we asked Hudson to point to the baby which he proudly did.  But then, he pointed to his belly exclaiming he had a baby in there too!  It was pretty adorable as you can see.


Of course, no maternity session would be complete without capturing the radiating beauty of a mom to be.  While Kristin isn't one to be in the spotlight, she looked gorgeous and a the light was a photographers dream.

I am so excited for this sweet family to welcome their baby girl this month!  Just a few more weeks until their family is complete.  Congratulations Haterius Family!