I've had the privilege to work with some amazing senior girls this fall.  Each girl is unique in their own way and left me feeling proud about the road ahead for these young women.  Jacey, is nothing short of amazing.  Currently, she is up for Valedictorian at Byron Nelson High School in Trophy Club, TX and was just awarded with a softball scholarship to Missouri University of Science and Technology.  

While talented in many ways, nothing was handed to her.  She has worked hard for each and every goal since a young age.   Her mom even mentioned that she didn't necessarily have a "natural" talent at sports.  She worked on it, perfected it, and is now the star 3rd baseman on her Varsity Softball team as well as a top of her game in her rec league.   

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Jacey excels in physics and calculus and hopes to focus on  Aerospace Engineering  Thankfully, I could relate to her with my Star Wars fan knowledge.  She is beyond sweet and completely modest about her talents.

While I do want to credit Jacey throughout this post, I am absolutely amazed by her mom, Jennifer.  When I first met them, their calendar was full of college visits (in state and out), softball games, plus having a full time job and another child at home.  She has driven thousands of miles, spent countless hours, and many weekends devoted to her children and their talents.   It's apparent that her influence has rubbed off on Jacey and is one of the reasons she is the woman she is today.

When deciding on her session, we wanted something with an urban vibe but also a professional look as well.  We chose Downtown Denton for 2 reasons.  1. It's the perfect mix of a big city feel with small city traffic and 2. Our original idea of Downtown Fort Worth was congested with the Christmas Parade.   Thankfully, Jacey is laid back as well and was open for an alternate suggestion.

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One thing I love about senior sessions is I get to play dress up.  Shopping isn't really Jacey's thing so I was excited to put my two cents in her wardrobe selection.  Plus, we got to shop at my favorite local boutique, Kiki La Rue.  Jacey chose the oh so soft and incredibly popular, Wine Butter Sweater, figure flattering Skinny Boyfriend Jeans, and a Long Tassel Necklace.

We ended the session at a local green spot just off the square.  This is one of those places you would just drive by without looking.  Thankfully I was given a tip, and even though I was hesitant when I pulled up I decided to give it a try, and I am so glad I did.  The sun coming through the trees created the most stunning bokeh (photog term meaning "the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light").  It was beautiful and perfect for her final outfit.

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Best of luck to you Jacey!  I know you are going to create amazing things in this world!  Enjoy your final few months as a senior!  

Hair & Makeup by Helene Hall