Not all soul mates meet right away.  Some people fall in love, get married, have babies, raise them, and decide that something (or someone) from their heart is missing.  With James and Michelle, their story didn't begin before careers and babies but their connection and bond are far more powerful because of it.

I met Michelle through a mutual friend and immediately adored her.  She has the most infectious laugh, the biggest heart, and grace and style that encompasses her.  James is a class act; sweet, a gentlemen, and a hell of a musician.  Both enjoy traveling together, trying new hobbies (currently dancing), and more than anything, spending time with family.

Both have endured hardships in their life but their love and faith have guided them through.

They will be getting married next June and Michelle and I worked together to create a meaningful session.  She has amazing style and wonderful suggestions.  One thing they wanted to incorporate were items that were given to them by loved ones.  An art piece from a friend, Michelle's deceased son's military dog-tags, and pictures from family members.  It was sentimental and beautiful.

The whole session went beautifully and capturing their connection was relatively easy.  The highlight of the whole evening was when James, wearing his shirt, embroidered with the phrase "Live Life Like a Song" began serenading his beautiful bride to be with a song he wrote just for her, "Precious One".  It was like a movie and I was the audience watching their love story unfold.

Congratulations James + Michelle!  I cannot wait to capture the day you officially become Husband and Wife!  Love to you both!







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