Kendra and Kayli, twin seniors at Byron Nelson High School in Trophy Club, may share the same birthday and will be freshman at the University of North Texas next year, but the similarities stop there.  As we explored Fort Worth, the differences became more apparent.

We started off at the Fort Worth Botanical Garden.  Storms threatening we decided to go ahead with the photo session knowing that we could always reschedule if needed.  I am so glad we didn't have to.  The skies had a beautiful natural filter that made the girls even more stunning. 


Kendra, hands down the outgoing one.   She is the Varsity Captain of the Dazzlers, the Byron Nelson Dance Team, a position she practically walked on to just two years ago.  She dreams of being an Event Planner and with her personality, she will have no problem finessing any client that comes her way.  


Kayli, is slightly more reserved but still engaging.  She spends the majority of her time volunteering for PALs and will carry this knowledge onto her career as a teacher.  One thing that makes Kayli stand out is her gorgeous cross tattoo.  An 18th birthday gift to herself and a beautiful representation of her Christian faith.

We continued on to the Fort Worth Stockyards.  Texas born and bred, this was a goregous setting to not only showcase the amazing outfits loaned from Lizzie Lee's Boutique in Roanoke, TX but also help the girls explore their true personalities.  

 Outfits Stylized by Lizzie Lees Boutique in Roanoke, TX

Outfits Stylized by Lizzie Lees Boutique in Roanoke, TX


Both girls are filled with style, beauty, intelligence, and charisma.  While life will take them each on their own path, they are going to prosper at whatever comes their way.  Best of luck to you Kendra and Kayli!  I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and I look forward to hearing about the adventures you have ahead!

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