As a kid, snow days were exciting.  I remember the anticipation every evening praying that school was canceled.  A day filled with sledding, building snowmen, hours of play, and gallons of hot chocolate.  It was a child's dream and in Tennessee, only came a couple of times a year when the state would shut down for 2 inches of snow.

As an adult, it's not as glamorous.  You still have the same responsibilities as any other day except you add to the mix of a couple of overly excited and active kiddos.  In Texas, snow days are typically ice days where instead of a winter playground, you have a hazardous terrain.  In other words, stuck

Thankfully, our neighborhood has a few beautiful green spaces that create the illusion that the ice covered ground looks like soft fluffy snow.   Knowing school was going to be canceled by the end of day 1 and already going stir crazy, I texted my children's babysitter and asked if she wanted to play for a bit for a morning photoshoot.  I was so glad she agreed!

Mikaela, is a mother's dream.  Smart, active in school and church, pretty, popular with her friends, and a great head on her shoulder.  As cheerleader at Byron Nelson High School, and she recently won the Coaches Award for "Most Spirited" and voted by her squad for "Best Facial Expressions".

 She was a blast to work with and very receptive of my awkwardness when trying to stylize a giant blanket over her petite frame.  Plus, she watches America's Next Top Model, and can "smize" like no one's business.  



It was such a fun shoot and a great break from our "snow" day rut.  Thank you Mikaela waking up at 7am on your day off and huge thank you to mom, Kim, for the amazing shout outs for Simply E3.  You two are amazing. Contact me if you are ever up for a Mommy/Daughter Shoot, it would be a joy to work with you again!