A few weeks ago, I held mini session for members of my church to help support a cause near and dear to my heart, Mission Panama.  Fellowship United Methodist Church in Trophy Club has devoted this Lenten Season to "Fuel the Fund" to raise money for a truck to use by missionaries, David and Cindy Ceballos, in order to provide the people of Santiago with the materials, medical equipment, and goods they otherwise might not receive.  Members of our church worked together and supported the cause an in total raised over $22,000, $2000 over the amount needed in just a few short weeks!

Mission Panama is a Methodist Organization whose purpose is to help build a better life for the citizens of Panama.  David and Cindy are the amazing people behind the mission who went where God called them to go, with little information at hand, but with the purpose spread His teachings and love.  Their focus is to build a church and community center as well as a medical facility in hopes of helping to better the lives of the people who live there. More than that though, it is building relationships with the citizens, and connecting with them on a far greater level by sharing God's love.


I had the pleasure of meeting David and Cindy last year in Panama and joining them on their mission, when I left my babies and husband and followed my call from God to help the less fortunate.   We spent the day working, organizing, playing with children, laughing, crying, connecting, and working some more.  The days were tough and our teammates worked together tremendously.  Our eyes were opened to a world we can't change in entirety, nor is that our purpose  The church and community center will be a foundation for a better life of the people of Santiago.  It was an amazing and humbling experience that will forever change me.  


While I won't be able to go this year, I will still be apart of spreading the word and encouraging others to go or support this great cause.  As my 5 year old son enlightened me with, "The more people you have to help, the less work it will be"  

Thank you all to the amazing families and members of the church who so generously supported this great cause!  Blessings and love to you all!