I first heard about Ryan last summer when her mom found me through a vintage inspired boutique I did a couple of sessions for.  Her mom described her love of vintage fashion, and down to earth personality, and overall sweet disposition.  I was beyond excited when she hired me for her senior pictures this past fall. 

After our first official meeting at the Brew Junkie Coffee Shop, she reminded me of a mix of myself and my best friend in high school.  She loves the art and culture of the city but needs to escape in nature to renew her soul.  I can see her spending a year in the Peace Corps or serving another humanitarian mission.  She has a love for animals and life.  For now, she's a free spirit and will take the world as it comes.

We decided to show 3 different facets of her personality, her love of the city, her vintage fashion, and her down to earth persona.  Her mom has a friend who owns Simply Bliss Boutique (I of course adored the name).  She helped with a few wardrobe ideas to incorporate our vision.  Grapevine was the perfect spot as it incorporated an urban scene and a natural setting is just a short drive away.

The sky threatened rain but we decided to take a chance and go with it. 

We started in downtown Grapevine.  I'm personally a fan of blazers so I was thrilled when she pulled one out over a lace dress from Simply Bliss Boutique (1 left and on sale!).  And the red heels totally pulled it together!  And let me tell you, this girl was still recovering from a soccer injury and still managed to rock the heels better than I can.  

A quick change of shoes and literally walking across the street changed up the look significantly.

A few minutes away is Katie's Woods off of Lake Grapevine.  Here we found a  field and were able to let out her inner Flower Child with a classic VW Bus no less.

 Her mom, Andi, had a vision of an antique chair and a chandiler in a tree.  I love collaborating on ideas and it was so neat being able to see her vision come to life.


To end the session, we went for a little hike out to the lake.  Ryan and her family spend a lot of time outdoors and summers on the lake.  She wore a read flannel shirt and sneakers to pull her laid back, every day look together. 

I have no doubt Ryan will go far in life and touch a lot of lives along the way.  The world is her oyster and a fun adventure is surly awaiting her.

Hair & Makeup: HSH Makeup Specialty

Wardrobe: Simply Bliss Boutique