As we celebrate Labor Day, our Muslim friends are also celebrating Eid Al-Adha, a 3 day celebration that honors the willingness of Abraham to sacrifice his own son to God. I recently worked with Alex, a beautiful Pakistani/American/Canadian (yes! 3 visas!) woman.

Alex, a model and influencer for Super Sweet Serendipity, happened to reach out to me during the announced "travel ban" earlier this year.  It started as a means of collaborating for our businesses  but after getting to know her and her story, I wanted to use her heritage to show that there is no one way to define a true American.  



While I don't like to spout politics on social media, I have had some concerns over the discrimination that our muslim brothers and sisters have been experiencing in our country.   People associate radicle Islam with all muslims and that is simply not the case just as we know that not all white men in the south are a part of the KKK.  I personally don't believe it is because people intend to be hateful but simply because they have not reached across the aisle to get to know their neighbor.  



Alex and her family own a local limousine company.  Her father was born in Pakistan and her mother, a blond hair blued eyed Texan, was born in the United States.  They met in Tennessee but also took their business to Toronto where her mother shares dual citizenship.  Alex has spent her 21 years living between the US and Canada but also travels to her father's small village in Pakistan and lives amongst her relatives for weeks at a time experiencing the culture in it's finest form.   

When she's not working for her parent's company, she models and also runs a lifestyle blog, Super Sweet Serendipity . She explores fashion, fitness, food, travel, as well as documents her activist endeavors and muslim culture.  You can read more about that and our recent session on her blog.


Alex is beautiful inside and out and I loved working with her.  She is the prime example of not only a modern day American woman but also a true Muslim American.  Not one full of hate and violence but one that lives in peace and honor for Allah.  Our country was built as a melting pot and we have many gifts and experiences to share with other.  Lets embrace these differences and live in love and acceptance.