Well, I jumped on the trending bandwagon of this online personal styling business.  In case you haven't heard of it, Stitch Fix sets you up with a stylist that sends you 5 items personalized for your style and lifestyle.  You keep what you want and send it the rest back.  The majority of my friends have been flooding my FB newsfeed with pictures of their "fix" and their referral code.  And I'm just about to do that to yours along with a hopeful helpful review of my first Stitch Fix experience.


The reason for the Fix

I've said it before, and I will say it again.  I love fashion but hate shopping.  I know exactly what my style is and what I like but when I step in a store I either get overwhelmed with selection, price, or my screaming child I took along.  

This past summer to help eliminate some of the stress, I did a modified Capsule Closet with great success.  I took absolutely everything out of my closet and drawers and only put back what I loved, what was timeless (cocktail dresses), seasonal, and what fit right today.  I put my fall/winter items away, a few pieces in a maybe box, and the rest in 6 large  trash bags that got donated or sent to friends.   It felt good and I was clearly able to see what I wanted added to my collection and I started wearing things differently which made me feel like I had a whole new wardrobe.  

Since fall is lurking (here that Texas, 90 degree days can stop now), I knew I wanted to add a few key pieces to capsule.  Pinterest was my biggest inspiration and I made sure to narrow my selection down to items I would actually wear, and pieces that could be versatile.  Of course when reviewing my board, I pretty much just need to live in a metropolitan east coast city...in the fall.  

Stitch Fix was a way for someone to narrow down my style, get the pieces I want, without the distraction of the million cute fall ensembles that hit the shelves.  It would save me time and money and the burden of dragging my screaming children to the store.

First Impression

The online form was easy to navigate.  It has you choose your styles based on a few wardrobe selections, enter weight/height/measurements, personal profile, and a note to the stylist.  I made sure to tell mine that I am a Photographer that stays home with my children and need something that works for going on playdates but appropriate for a consultation meeting with a client (something dressier than yoga pants).  

I also requested I am looking for an oversize beige sweater, black pixie pants, and boyfriend jeans.

I was even able to select the date for shipment which I chose to come just before my birthday weekend.  It can be an automatic shipment or scheduled which is very convenient.  

My Stitch Fix Arrives

Can I say, it was just like waiting for Christmas morning!  I was so excited to see a package with my name on it and my entire Pinterest board waiting for me in one little box!  I might have over hyped the thing but still, I was anxious to see what someone picked out for me.

The Good

My stylist, Madeline, sent me a super sweet note along with different ideas to wear the items.

I was shocked at how perfectly she nailed my style!  Every selection looked like something I would wear.  She also had something for all of my requests which probably didn't leave room for creative styling BUT she seemed to get me which I liked.

 Kut from the Kloth : Kate Disressed Boyfriend Jeans

Kut from the Kloth : Kate Disressed Boyfriend Jeans

Buying jeans is a tricky and nerve wracking experience.  Having someone else do it for you is something I would have never considered before.  A lot of my friends who have gotten jeans are impressed with their fit and style and I felt just the same.  These jeans fit me perfectly!  They  fabric was a great quality and the cut had a feminine flare.  The price $88 which isn't bad for a good pair of jeans.

 Gentle Fawn Genny Open Gardigan

Gentle Fawn Genny Open Gardigan

It's like a perfectly fit and stylized blanket that I can wear lounging around the house with a cup of coffee and a good book.  I want to live in this sweater!  I'm already envisioning ways to dress it up and down and Texas just really needs to start getting cooler or I may have to bump up the AC in my house.  This was $78 and I would have cast it aside in a store but because it was picked especially for me, and it was already in my house, and my birthday is in a few days I kept it.

The Bad

Okay, let me start by saying none of these were really BAD.  They just didn't work for me.  

 Loveappela Saxby Scoop Neck Top

Loveappela Saxby Scoop Neck Top

I love stripes!  I have a million pieces with stripes and I keep buying more (this is anti Capsule Closet FYI).  When it came down to this shirt was purely for cost purposes.  It was $54 which is more expensive for my taste and I felt the quality of the fabric wasn't great.  I loved the fit and the style worked great.


 HEM & THREAD Ellen Distressed Detail Sweater

HEM & THREAD Ellen Distressed Detail Sweater

I really wanted to love this sweater.  On the hanger it looks perfect and exactly my style.  When I put it on, it felt too frumpy and thick for my taste.  While I wish I lived on the east coast, I live in Texas and this just a bit too heavy.  $48 seems like a decent price for this sweater though.


 Margaret M Emer High Waisted Trouser

Margaret M Emer High Waisted Trouser

Do you ever remember shopping at a store 5.7.9.  My 90s tween fashion came from this store including pocketless black pants.  These were eerily reminiscent right down to the polyester/spandex material.  They fit fine except were a little too long.  While that's an easy alteration, these were the most expensive on my list for $98 I just couldn't justify the cost given I used to pay no more than $15.


The Marketing Genuius

I really do love the idea behind this company.  I know many working moms who don't have time to go shopping for themselves and even if they did, how to choose what to wear.  A personal shopper used to be a luxury but now you can pay $20 for the same experience.  Of course behind many successful companies, the ways in which they get you to sign up is sneaky .  Let me delve into a bit of what I notice.

  1. They ask you to submit a Pinterest Board:  I don't know about you, but everytime I click a Pin it button, I feel like I'm adding that to my life.  The best cooked meals, the perfect decor, the finest clothing, the crafteest of children, all nicely organized on a board on my computer.  But it feels like I already own it because I've connected with it.  When sharing this bored with my stylist I seriously felt like I would be receiving this whole new wardrobe and not just a few pieces.  I also felt productive adding stuff to board.  It was like the shopping rush without the buyers remorse.  
  2. You get notified when your shipment is coming (aka, Countdown to Christmas feeling): It's exciting getting mail especially when its something fun like a new wardrobe!
  3. It feels like a gift: Something comes in the mail and it's not something you purposely ordered online.  It feels like a someone bought you a personalized gift for no reason.  You have the adrenaline rush of quickly opening to see what it is and then your heart tugs at even though it was really thoughtful but it's not something you love, do you ask for the gift receipt?  Yes, you paid for it, but it doesn't feel like you bought it.
  4. It's already at your house: While I would just walk by a $78 sweater in the store, this item was chosen for me and it was already in my possession.  I love it, I don't want to pay for it, but I technically kind of own it and don't want to get rid of it.
  5. The more you buy, the more you save:  There is a 25% discount if you keep all 5 items.  This is tricky as it pays to keep all 5 even if you love all 4.  Even for me, I kept 2 items, I would have only need pay $100 for $200 worth of clothes.
  6. Your Payment information is already Entered: You complete this step in the profile stage so your debit/credit card is already in file.  When you decide what you want to keep or send back, you simple click a few buttons, some with reviews or suggestions, and hit enter.  You don't have to pull out your wallet and enter your card number so again it doesn't feel like you are really doing more than entering a survey and returning a couple of items.

Last Thoughts

With all of that said, I did like the experience and will definitely do it again.  I had planned on doing it every season but I might do an extra one to see if I can get a couple of more items.  Yes, I'm susceptible to the adrenaline rush of the Stitch Fix craze, but as long as I don't have to face a store with my kids AND I can still look fashionable, well you can just count me in.

If you are interested in your first fix, use the referral link below to let them know i sent you.  I get a discount and you get an amazing shopping experience so it's a win win.


Have you done a Stitch Fix?  What was your experience?