To commemorate his first birthday, this little guy had a grand slam of a good time with a Texas Ranger Themed Birthday Celebration and Cake Smash.  I've watched Jackson grow into an almost toddler and as cliche as it sounds, I am amazed at how quickly the year has past.

I was excited to help his mom plan his photo shoot.  We both wanted simple and she incorporated a chair that has been past down from generations (which includes an engraving from his daddy that might have gotten him into a bit of trouble as a kid).   The one thing we both wanted were balloons.  She got the cake, I got the balloons.  Word of advice, balloons still can float away even with the plastic weight the store gives you.    I opened the trunk to start setting up and the balloons went straight out the car into the sky and all we could do was watch them float away.

Mom offered to go get some more while I entertained Jackson and captured some of his sweet side smiles.  Unfortunately, by the time the balloons came, he was done.  He had the "it's my party and I can cry if I want to" mentality but his sweet puppy dog eyes just made the whole thing work.

We quickly gave him the cake he was wanting and the tears subsided.    

Who doesn't like a baby in suspenders and a bow tie! 


He pretty much would have eaten the whole thing if we allowed him.  So despite a couple of hiccups, I would call it a success.  

Happy 1st Birthday Jackson!  I look forward to seeing you continue to grow into the adorable little boy you are!