The family and I are heading to the beach for a weeklong vacation at the Moon Palace Resort in Cancun, Mexico.  I am beyond excited because my mom is joining us! Aside from getting to see her for the first time since December, I've learned that bringing a grandparent is the secret to an enjoyable vacation for all.

Between my mom, husband, and myself we will all have an opportunity for kid free time to truly relax and enjoy all the resort has to offer.  My my absolute favorite thing to do?  Lounge beachside with a good book.

I believe simple is beautiful and after having to lug around bags and bags of kids toys, towels, sunscreen and floaties, I opt less is more.  

  • Bikini: I love this Bathing Beauty Retro Swimsuit from Modcloth.  I can't ask for anything better than a bikini that flatters my figure, appeals to my vintage obsession, and leaves some room for the imagination.   
  • Sunnies: I vow to never buy a pair of expensive sunnies especially for vacation due to kids, sand, and all inclusive alcohol mishaps.  Slightly kidding on the last one... Target has an amazing selection for every face shape and personal style.  The tortoise shell goes great with my red hair, the cat eye adornes my vintage flaire, and the price tag gives me peace of mind if I scratch or loose a pair.  
  • Hat: A good hat does double duty; make a simple outfit fabulous and provide sun protection. Currently, I love Panama Hats which are essentially oversized fedoras.  I bought mine from a local boutique but here is a similar one that keeps you protected and adds a fun Havana vibe
  • Sunscreen: Everyone likes to look sunkissed but when exposed my complexion can look like I had a full on makeout session.  Rodan & Fields Sunblock protects my skin without feeling greasy or smelling like I dumped a bottle of coconut fragrance on me. 
  • Facial Mist:  This is a product that I was skeptical on until I tried it.  Definitely a "where has this been my whole life?" type of product.  It hydrates in the dry winter days and refreshes in the sultry summer heat. It also doubles as a pretty fantastic toner with sprayed onto a cotton pad and we all know I love multitaskers!
  • Mascara:  So last time I went to Mexico, I made a rookie mistake.  After seeing multiple IG posts of bikini clad women with perfect hair and gorgeous makeup, our first day I tried to replicate it.  It wasn't 10 minutes after 40 minutes of getting ready that my hair was overcome by the seaside humidity and my makeup melted off.  Even worse, I was so consumed by my appearance that I couldn't enjoy my kids playing. Thankfully, I learned my lesson and the next day I threw my hair up in a messy bun or side braid and instead of a full face of makeup that was going to sweat off I just added a bit of #Mabeline Great Lash Waterproof mascara.  The black noir on my red eyelashes adds just the right touch to look done up but not overdone.  Bonus, I got to actually enjoy my experience instead of sitting back watching everyone else have fun.
  • Book: No beach experience is complete without a good book.  I'm currently reading The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah which is a story about two sisters from France during World War II.  I'm a sucker for anything historical fiction and add in this era and I'm drawn in.  


What are your must have items to truly make your vacation an escape from it all?