You found the perfect photographer and your session is booked.  Now, what on earth do you wear?  Yesterday, Click It Up A Notch posted some great tips on coordinating you and your family's outfits.  I'm here to expand on it a bit and share advice I give my clients.  

1. No Matchy Matchy: Repeat after me "No White Shirt Khaki Combo" & "No Black Shirt Jean Combo".  You are not paying your photographer top dollar to recreate something that can be done in a JC Penny Photo Studio.  You are wanting something unique and represented of your own personalty.  


2. Decor 101: If you are like me, you have spent an exorbitant amount of time and money creating your home with the right style, color, and furnishings you love.  Don't let your beautiful photo clash.  If your home is draped in soft neutrals and simple lines, stay away from bold colors with a loud pattern.  


3.Compliment and Coordinate; Remember art class and having to paint your color wheel?  Colors next to each other coordinate and make a subtle statement, and colors across make a bold statement.  Pick a couple of colors using this rule to create your color pallet.  


4. Go Window Shopping: H&M, Gap, Gymboree are a great reference to coordinating colors, textures, and patterns from people who actually know what they are doing.  Plus, if your wallet allows, you can have a one stop shop for the whole family.


5. Style vs Setting: Think about the location of your photos.  Will you be having an urban vibe, beautiful botanicals, or rustic country side?  Think how the style and colors of your clothes will coordinate with your backdrop.  Also, this tip is interchangeable and can be used to find the perfect location for you wardrobe.


6: Let Your Kid's Style Shine Through:  Picture day is stressful.  You are trying to get the kids cleaned, dressed, fed, and out the door to be on time to meet a photographer and you pray that she's able to capture those few precious smiles.  There is no need to make your child cranky because he refuses to wear the suit you forced him to wear for Easter.  I get it.  My son, was walking advertisement for H&M up until he started getting his own personality he decided that wearing an oxford shirt with skinny jeans every single day wasn't his cup of tea.  Instead, try to add their personal style to the mix while complimenting your color pallet.  If he's a hat guy, add a cute fedora to the mix.  If she hates dresses, have her help you pick out a cute blouse with leggings.  If you insist he wear that oxford shirt, pair his favorite converse with them.  Everyone will be more relaxed and happy if they have a say.



7: Reinvent your Wardrobe:  I love any excuse to buy a new outfit but after you bought new shoes for your son, a dress for your daughter, a shirt for your husband, something for you may not fit the bill.  No need to wear the same thing you wear everyday however, you can add a fresh face to it with a little help.  Start with a base; sundress, skirt, pants.  Now, go to Pinterest and type in a description of your item (ie chambray dress) and voila, wonderful references on how to stylize that one piece of clothing from people with way more fashion advice than I could ever hope to have.  Add a scarf,shoes, sweater, etc to create a million different outfits. You can use this as a guide and add a $15 accessory rather than paying $70 for a new dress and shoes (which is totally fine in my books too).


8: Textures|Layers|Accessories: You have the color pallet in mind but now it's time to add life into your wardrobe.  Lay your outfits out on your bed and think how the colors, textures, and accessories work with one another.  Does the leopard print scarf coordinate with your daughters flowery dress.  Does the denim shirt and lace skirt work with one another.  This adds the final touch to create a stunning wardrobe that will make you all look picture perfect!


If you still have questions, I will be happy to help you further.  It's my goal to help make this the simplest and best experience to create beautiful images that showcase your unique style and personality.