Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do I book a session with you?

A. Send me an email and I will touch base to talk about your session.  Once we figure out what you need I will send you an invoice which requires a $100 non refundable deposit.  I will then schedule a time to chat via email or phone and plan your session.


Q. I'm clueless on location/ what to wear/ and style.  Can you help?

Absolutely!  This is one of my favorite parts of the session; helping you design a session that is uniquely you!  We discuss what your style is like (traditional, modern, farmhouse, a little of everything), where you plan to hang the pictures (decor is key when deciding outfits), and I will make a few suggestions on locations and the best time of day.


Q. Do you have a studio?

I have an in home studio for boudoir as well as access to other studios in the DFW metroplex that require an additional fee. I can  do lifestyle sessions in the comfort of your own home. Mostly, however, I plan our sessions outdoors around the golden hour to ensure the most beautiful and highest quality of pictures.   

Q. What should I expect during my session?

Lots of fun and laughter!  You also get to see me being utterly ridiculous and making weird noises as I oooh and awe at your beautiful family.  I make it as stress free as possible to ensure everyone is having a great time.  We will explore the area, chase the best light, and do a variety of posed and candid images.  I will also help to pose you so we don't create Awkward Family Photos.  Leave it up to me and it will be great!


Q. Do I get all of the digitals, RAW files, and unedited images?

I go through your images and choose the best ones that best represent you and my artistic vision (we work together).  All of my packages include a select number of digital images. I will do a soft edit and upload them to a gallery for you to choose your favorites and once you decide, I will add any touch ups needed.  We live in a digital world and I love posting to IG and FB like any other mom but I do stress printing your pictures and offer products and albums that you can cherish always.


Q. I don't think my daughter will last the whole session.  Can we do a mini session or get a discount.

I do offer minis a couple of times of year (in the fall mostly) but I prefer full sessions to capture the best emotions.  I have two little ones myself so I completely understand their short attention span.  During my session we dance, play, run, cuddle so that I can get truly genuine pictures.  The last images I take are usually my favorites!